Anti-Bullying Movie

"Rise" is a Short-Film & Anti-Bullying campaign that stemmed out of the Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School (CKMS) Leadership Class. The goal of Rise is to spread awareness of the negative effects of bullying, but more specifically, the type of bullying that comes thru the use of social media and electronics. "Rise" will give viewers a unique perspective of what its like to be cyber-bullied. 

The Short Film will be a half narrative, half music video to the song "Rise" by Katy Perry. It will incorporate our Keiki's talents in writing, graphic design, art, filmmaking, music, planning, and more! 

It’s really all about having a positive self-esteem and how we treat each other. Putting a stop to bullying is all about the aloha spirit.
— Bill Arakaki - DOE Superintendent

Located @ Kamakahelei Middle School


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